Verizon announced today that it had finalized its $28.1 billion purchase of Alltel wireless.

Prior to the purchase, AT&T was the largest wireless network in the United States, with 71 million subscribers. Verizon, the second largest, with 67 million subscribers. However, now after adding Alltel’s 13 million subscribers, Verizon is the new king with 80 million.

It’s not just sheer numbers that work out in Verizon’s favor either. Alltel’s subscription base is more spread out geographically throughout the entire country. They span mostly smaller cities and rural areas in 34 states. They are the ones who you ‘roam’ with when your normal provider (AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon) doesn’t have service in the areas you are traveling. That won’t be a problem for Verizon subscribers anymore.

Verizon stock has been climbing all morning, and many analysts have it marked as a definite ‘Buy’. This is big news for, Verizon, a company which has been struggling against the AT&T/Cingular merger and AT&T iPhone exclusive contract for a while now.

But what about those Alltel ads with the big 4’s ‘Sales Guys’/Nerd Patrol? After taking a closer look at those ads, this merger looked like destiny (videos after the jump):

Alltel’s Holiday ad. Even Santa likes Alltel better!

Alltel Holiday Ad – Watch more free videos

Here’s another Alltel ad. This one might explain the dynamics of the group better, and also gives a little foreshadowing of the Verizon deal…

Alltel My Circle Commerical – Watch more free videos

As we’ve reported before, the Sprint guy is clearly the dumbest. Alltel must have some bad blood with them, I guess. But illustrated in this ad, the red-haired Verizon dude is the most tolerable of the 4 characters. The always scheming Orange AT&T is just pure evil, and the Pink T-Mobile guy just looks like a lame version of Alltel’s godly ‘Chad’ with more dumb jokes.

But what will future Verizon/Alltel commercials look like?
My suggestion: the Sprint/T-Mobile/AT&T nerds awkwardly walk in on Chad and a new, sexy, and attractive female version of the Verizon guy going at it. “Come and Get Your Love!


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