Made Man was recently able to catch up with "The Megan Fox of North Hollywood," a Canadian import that (likely) tastes better than Molson, Veronika London.  This catch-of-a-Canuck was born in Mexico City, moved North, then came to Hollywood and started turning some heads.  She’s starred in "Stripped," "Lingerie," "The Elusive Man," "Body Language" and has been featured in Maxim Magazine.  You could say she’s comfortable in her own skin.  

Her newest role, though, is in the drama "Jane Doe" in which she has the slightly more complicated role of a prostitute suffering from both heroin addiction and amnesia.  Sounds like "Memento" meets "Requiem for a Dream" meets the "Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show" to us.  Count us in.  

MM: You’ve got mostly R-rated material under your belt. Do you seek it out specifically or for any particular reason?

VL: No I don’t seek it and didn’t seek it specifically, some opportunities came up and I took them. I knew how I would use the exposure and that I would just focus on commercial feature films with challenging roles such as Jane Doe after.


MM: What kind of preparation did you do for Jane Doe? 

VL: My character is very complex. I play a heroin addict/prostitute that suffers amnesia. The director Nadeem Soumah gave me a list of movies to study all having to do with drugs and amnesia. I watched a lot of intervention and I went to few centres that deal with drug addiction to see how people really are affected mentally and emotionally. I also checked out some prostitutes to see what real mannerism they had. The movie was an eye-opening experience.

MM: What was the transition like for you from CA to Santa Monica?

VL: I actually still have a place in Canada and reside in both places. I’ve travelled to Santa Monica since I was young, so I’m fairly familiar with the area.

MM: What do you think about the guys in L.A. compared to back home or where your career has taken you?  

VL: Hahahah…hmmmm….. …Guys are guys everywhere…lol..I don’t put much thought into this- ..I guess the only difference in L.A. is that you come across male celebrities more often than in the North.

MM: You’ve said you want to one day portray a superhero. If you could have any superpowers you wanted in real life, what would they be?

VL: Superpowers….hmmm…mind control, time travel and manipulation of elements.

MM: Who is your idol?

I have a few. Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Lopez– I love their entrepreneur mentality. I’m also a fan of Madonna and Lady Gaga for pushing buttons.

MM: Who is your celebrity crush?

VL: James Franco- he is soooooooo cute! He reminds me of James Dean so much. I hope to work with him one day.

MM: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

VL: Scorpion- their fast, resilient and intense.

MM: What are 3 things a guy has to do before you date him?

VL: Make me laugh, introduce me or teach me something new and share my love for fashion.

MM: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on-set?

VL: Drink salt water to make myself puke for a scene. I will not be doing that again.


MM: Your idea of the perfect date?

VL: I don’t really have time to date right now but if I did, anything that has to do with the beach day or night. Sunsets, sunrises, crashing waves and the stars put me in a rockin’ mood.

MM: What will you do next?

VL: I have two features lined up which I will be starring in: Burning Amber (Resident Evil style) and Growing Paranoia (drug related) which I will be shooting during the summer.