There’s no shortage of custom motorcycles on the market. And once you’ve seen a dozen or so, they can all start to run together. Because really, how much customization can you make between two wheels? Apparently a lot.

Just ask the guys at Bandit9 Motorcycle Design, an outfit in Ho Chi Minh City that’s creating bespoke, art-quality bikes and shipping them around the world—maybe even to you.

Started in 2011 by Daryl Villanueva, Bandit9 set out to create designs that would stand out from the mainstream bikes and custom builds. To accomplish that, he looked everywhere for inspiration, including movies and science fiction, which acted as muses for his imagination.

The result is a fleet of bikes, ranging from heavily-modified Hondas to Harleys, that resembles something you might see in Batman. Or Tron. We’re talking sleek, unibody frames made from high-grade steel, custom handlebars, statement-making exhaust systems, custom suspension, hand-stitched leather and motors that resemble actual jet engines.

They will build just nine made-to-order bikes of each design, so there’s not a big chance you’ll pull up to someone else riding the same bike as you. And the best part: these motorcycles start at around $11,000, including door-to-door shipping. That’s incredibly affordable, especially considering the build quality and man-hours necessary to make it happen.

So what we’re saying is: Maybe get two. In the meantime, you can do some more fantasizing, here!