You don’t take Flintstone vitamins anymore, because your needs as an adult are different from what they were as a growing boy. That is, unless you like the taste of them, like us, then you probably take them dutifully every morning. The point is, your adult body needs an adult vitamin. And, in this case, it’s an adult vitamin for people that enjoy the occasional adult beverage.

Drinkwel (not FDA approved), is a vitamin which purports to protect your body from the negative effects of alcohol consumption and restore the damage you may have already done. While it is somewhat speculative, there are some ingredients in the vitamins which have been suggested as helping with this sort of thing.

Drinkwel works best, they say, if you consume 3 pills with a large glass of water before you begin drinking.  You can get one bottle – that’s 90 pills – or a month of drinking every single day from their site, here for $40.