Paranormal Activity is the new Blair Witch.  It’s Blair Witch for people that say that Blair Witch “wasn’t scary enough” or people that say Blair Witch was “totally effing scary, but awesome.”  Whatever you say, this is a legitimately nerve-racking flick.  One of Break Media’s editorial staff had a chance to screen it and is honest-to-god possessed right now. 

But, you might not be able to see it.  The film was extremely low budget – only $15,000 to shoot.  And, similarly, didn’t have the scrilla for mass distribution or marketing.  But, having taken all the things Blair Witch did wrong and doing them very, very right, audiences have responded positively. 

So go to this site right here and vote.  You enter your information, but it won’t be used to spam you, it will just count a vote toward your area of the country.  Oh, and here’s the trailer.  Yeesh.  

Paranormal Activity Trailer – Watch more Movie Trailers