Imagine a car that alerts you if someone’s at the door of your home or office, then allows you to greet the guest via an in-car video screen before you arrive? That’s one of many notions Volkswagen rolled out to kick off CES, showcased in a cool high-tech spin on the popular micro-bus, dubbed BUDD-e.

The VW concept has been designed to function as a mobile interface, highlighting a number of next-generation infotainment technologies aimed at turning travel into a fully interactive, intuitive experience. In addition to the Smart Home technology, which enables a driver to connect with their home or office when at the wheel, BUDD-e also forgoes the usual interior switches and buttons for innovative touch and gesture controls to operate various vehicle functions.

Functioning similar to smartphones, the in-dash screen features a menu tab that provides easy access to operate the hatch or sliding door, plus cool menu items like Music, Places, Images, Phone, Connected Home and Videos, along with traditional functions such as climate control and seat heating. The BUDD-e’s powertrain is all-electric, of course, with a range of up to 373 miles based on European standards or 233 miles per charge based on the more traditional EPA standards. But really, who needs to drive when there’s so much cool stuff inside?

BUDD e interior