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If you’re like us, you just don’t have enough Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in your life. Sure, he’s in the movies you watch (Furious 7, San Andreas) and the reality TV shows you watch (The Hero) and the premium-cable TV shows you watch (Ballers) and the sports entertainment you watch (WWE), but there are STILL a few seconds at the very beginning of your day when you don’t hear anything from him.

And that’s a damn shame.

But that damn shame has finally been solved. Because The Rock now has an alarm-clock app, and it just might be the greatest alarm-clock app in the history of alarm-clock apps. It’s called, of course, the Rock Clock. And it isn’t just any alarm clock. It’s a motivational alarm clock.

“From this historic day forward,” The Rock announced to his 50 million Instagram followers this morning, “I’m waking your ass up;).”

We took the Rock Clock for a quick spin and here’s what we love about it:

>>First of all, there is no snooze button. Because snooze buttons are for the weak. You won’t achieve your goals if you go back to sleep for 9 minutes. (Unless your goal was to get a full 8 hours of sleep. But then you should’ve just set your alarm clock for a more appropriate wake time. But I digress.)

>>Video messages from The Rock, sent directly from his phone to yours.

>>25 alarm tones created by The Rock himself. We’re particularly fond of “Good Morning Sunshine” and “Beach Jams.” We won’t spoil them for you by describing them. Just trust us. You gotta check them out. (But we will say: Yes, that really is Dwayne Johnson singing and playing guitar to wake you up.)

>>It allows you to track your goals—as well as The Rock’s. And he can track yours too, theoretically. “We’ll chase our greatness and kick some ass,” he writes. “Or get our asses kicked;) Either way, we’ll do it together.”

>>It’s free.

But our favorite feature of the Rock Clock is probably Rock Time, which lets you sync your alarm clock to The Rock’s and wake up at the same time he does every day. Considering I’m three hours ahead of where The Rock usually sleeps (Los Angeles), that should be just about perfect for me.