The story hasn’t played out but I am feeling confident. Wal-Mart opened up a brand new store down the street from our Garden Center, Country Arbors Nursery. Most people think they are going to kill our business and take away customers but this is dead wrong. On the contrary, people that didn’t come to this side of town now will and since they are already out there will swing by our place. To make it even better, Wal-Mart plants are very cheap but tend to look good for just a few days. They also have a very small selection which makes the customer look somewhere else. Where are the going to look? Yes we’ll lose some fertilizer sales and some small plant sales but we have the same prices on most small plants because we are the grower and have always had good prices on those. On the rest of the product we can actually raise the price because nobody else has them and certainly not as nice looking and quality. Even better for us in our nice staff. I am not even going to discuss the knowledge of the staff because everyone says that but we also hire on personality. People enjoy shopping at our nursery because we have been in business since 1865 and people shop at our store just to spite Wal-Mart. Now they have a reason to come over to our side of town. Icing on the cake is that land prices doubled since they bought the land on the road because other chain stores such as Menards also built land because they are Wal-Mart chasers. We didn’t chase them, they came to us and we are going to be better off because of it. How many businesses that sell the same thing as Wal-Mart can say that.