The following is a guest post from Joshua Morgan Brown aka The Reformed Broker. Josh is a 99% serious, 1% silly financial blogger based here in NYC.  He trades like Livermore, writes like a beast, drives like a stunt man and is possessed of a menacing sexuality not seen since the days of Henry VIII.

 Most Likely to Succeed: Meredith Whitney

 Most Popular:  Nouriel Roubini
Likely to Destroy a Bulge Bracket Firm:  Stan O’Neal


 Most School Spirit:  Erin Callan

 Class Clown:  Christopher Cox

 Most Improved:  Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

 Cutest Couple:  Mark & Erin

 Most Negligent:  Walter Noel

 Party Animal:  Stephen Schwarzman
 Most Orange:  Angelo Mozillo
 Valedictorian:  Jim Chanos
 School Bully:  Charlie “The Gooch” Gasparino

 Worst Couple:  John Thain & Kenny Lewis

 Teacher’s Pet:  Jamie Dimon

 Most Talented:  David Einhorn
 Class Treasurer:  Bernard Madoff