If you haven’t heard about the widely popular and viral ‘fake’ American Apparel ads that were supposedly popping up all over the city, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but they weren’t real.

A brilliant and mischievous designer created them all from scratch and photoshopped them on NYC’s American Apparel billboards. Fooled a lot of people. (NSFW video explaining it all)

But now he’s at it again, only this time nothing is fake and Wall Street is the target.

Animal NY has a short interview with the creator explaining how the juxtaposition of the two iconic houses of money couldn’t be more poignant: The Wall Street names “didn’t invest money, they gambled it.”

Check out clearer versions of the other 10 designs for the new Wall Street Las Vegas over at StereoHell

Thanks to copyranter from Animal NY