According to Trader Magazine, Wallstreet increased bonuses by 15.5 % of 2004 to $21.5 Billion. That averages out to $125,000 of bonus for each of the 174,000 New York security industry employees Remember that is on top of their salaries. Nice work if you can get it and you possibly could because the number of employees grew 5 % this year. Bonuses are paid on revenue and not profit and 2005 was a great year for revenue and a solid year for profit according to Trader. 2006 may not shape up to be as strong as this year but should still bode well for bankers as more companies merge. My take… if you want a huge bonus of your own, invest in options, forex, and stock brokers like TradeStation and OptionsExpress. They are young growing companies that are attracting investors both to trade in their system and in their company.