I receive about 2 books a month from representatives of publishers that would like me to review them and post my feelings on my website. I have never done a review because I have not received a book I enjoyed and there is no point in slamming a book. Lately though, I have received some books that have been excellent and Death by PowerPoint is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. As a business owner, I expect to be the butt of jokes by my employees and to be considered to be the bad guy by many. I know my role and I am comfortable with it . I used to think that “surviving the office” was merely survival of the fittest and the smartest. This book changed my perception. What I truly enjoyed about this book is its delivery method. Truth and information distributed with humor and fun. I expected to be the guy they make fun of in the book when actually I learned how to be a better boss and manager. There were times of outright laughter, times of saying “how true, how true” and other times when I was embarrassed because I was doing so many things I didn’t realize I had done and their effects on my employees. The book gives descriptions of types of bosses and types of employees that are so dead on it’s scary. The first chapter is full of laughs and it only gets better. Here is a snippet that I thought was pretty funny

“the ways in which a corporation or company describes itself and the terminology of the job description are often good indicators of what can be expected. Did you catch the true meanings when you walked in the door?”

An Exciting and Rare Opportunity: We expect you to be eternally grateful, humble, and thankful

A Fast Paced Environment: We have no time to train or explain. Be prepared to be tossed in the deep end.

Duties Will Vary: Prepare to be buried from day one

Seeking Motivated Self-Starter: We’re not sure what this job is supposed to be, but we expect you to figure it out.

Candidate Should Work Well Under Pressure: The majority of your coworkers will behave in the manner of high strung, shrieking howler monkeys.

Must be Detail Oriented: Everyone else here is extremely disorganized so you will be the one who is held accountable.

Must Exhibit Leadership Skills: You will have the duties of management, but the title of associate underling

Attention to Details Essential: We are seeking a magician to compensate for sloppy and lazy coworkers.

Casual Workplace Atmosphere: Your salary will be so low you will not be able to afford a suit.

Just some examples of the humor the book contains. There are chapters on dress codes, corporate lingo, sex in the workplace, fun at work, and many more fun but important part of your daily grind to the top. I can’t say enough about the book and what fun it was to read. It reminded me of a cross between Dilbert and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you have a few hours, pick up this book. You may turn the corporate latter into an escalator but even if you don’t you’ll have a good time.