They’re everything Wallstrip is hoping to be. When I look at Wallstrip , I don’t watch it for the content of the show. I watch it to follow the show as a business entity. What shows are most popular? What shows bring the most comments and banter? What are the different ways that it can be monetized. How can it improve and make the site more sticky? Today they ask these types of questions to the creator and host of Rocketboom, a vlog that has gone to levels all other vlogs wish to reach. Rocketboom has peak days of 300,000 while other vlogs think they are successful with 30. What makes Rocketboom so watchable? A few minutes with Joanne, the host, and you see why. There is no hotter host on the web. She spews sexy and sophisticated. She ‘s as cool as a cucumber and that voice. She is just so damn cool. I didn’t expect the founder, Andrew Baron to be such a geek and so “uncool” but he knows what he is doing . He is the anti Kevin Rose. Howard could certainly kick his ass but why would he want to when he was handed so much great info on how to build a vlog. The thing that surprised me is the lack of funding. He has no backing and is totally internally funded. How awesome would that be? It’s all his. He can do anything he wants because he owns the whole thing. The downside may be that he could be limited by this as well. He hosts the site and the bandwidth is a killer. Thus the consumer camera, simple set and website.

I have no doubt in my mind that Wallstrip can easily be as popular as Rocketboom. I think the community can be even “stickier” than theirs. The crowd drawn to Wallstrip will have a huge amount of disposable income compared to other sites’ viewers and we all know advertisers love this. On the downside, with the VC funding they are most likely to burn cash compared to a guy paying for things out of his own pocket. The typical success stories go like this. Idea, idea is put to test, idea works, idea becomes popular, idea becomes so popular extra money is needed, vc guys step in, site sold to big firm, everyone becomes rich. Wallstrip just skipped a few steps but could have the same ending. Right now the interview was little guy interviewing big guy. Give it time and Wallstrip will be the big guy. How do I know? Because I will be involved and when I get involved things succeed.