I love Taser guns and anything that can stop violence without killing someone is an obvious positive. Why people oppose this thing I’ll never understand. Until the government gives Taser a break like they do the gun companies then the stock may never be a good investment. They can’t sell enough Tasers to offset the cost of lawsuits. And as Lindsay pointed out, the NRA, like most special interest groups has grown into an all powerful group. They used to fight for the right to bear arms but that is no longer the case. They fight only for the right to bear guns. One last thing I’d like to point out before you watch and then go comment, Revver needs to figure out how to match up the proper ads to the videos they show. The Taser vid has a kids video game ad right after it. How ironic is that? Nobody is going to make money if the ads aren’t somewhat geared to the subject of the vids. C’mon Revver I’m trying to help.