Give Wallstrip a chance. It seems that every blog I read is somehow connected or at least fans of the bloggers that contribute to the show. They of course, love it but others have been more critical. What we must remember is that everyone involved is new to this form of media. Most of us hide behind our blogs and it is going to take a while to come out from behind them. Also, not all the bloggers are funny. There are a few that are going to take a while to come out of their shell (or their computer) and develop into an on air personality. You could tell from the first day there were some that were trying to have a good time and others that couldn’t break from the overboard analysis. That’s cool because they need both. Eventually the show will be entertaining and informative. It is just going to take time for the show to find its style. It WILL develop and there will be changes and the end result will be something you’ll stop by each day to see. How do I know all this? I work on two TV shows now and have seen both develop over the years and watched how each one found an audience in due time. The talent learned their roles and also felt more comfortable in front of the camera or writing the script. Cast developed a routine which helped them to get more done in the same amount of time. Most importantly, the shows eventually picked up some advertisers that helped ease the financial constraints. One big thing that will make this show a successm, Howard seems to have a magic touch with his projects. At least the ones he talks about.