Here’s what appears to be one of the first post-failure WaMu ads via ChangeOrder.

Smaller font text says:

WaMu has a bright new future, thanks to the stability of JPMorgan Chase (and their nearly trillion dollars in customer deposits). But Chase brings more than money to the party: together we have 14,300 ATMs and 5,400 branches nationwide, a quarter of a million employees, and the confidence of banking with over 100 million other customers. [learn more, vist our site blah, blah, blah]

Assuming this is real, does it quell anyone’s doubts and fears about keeping their money in this bank?

Yeah, it’s pretty cool that they are keeping the same font theme and can be cutsey about their new trillion-dollar-sugar-daddies, but does it get the real job done?

Does it stop you from looking at them as colossal failures who made a series of gambles on risky morgages?

At least they’re learning from some of their old advertising mistakes.

Change Order: Don’t Worry, We Have A Trillion Dollars Now via Gawker