Something’s in the air, and it’s the sound of cashing in on killer investments: First, there was news that Johnny Cash’s 1970 Rolls Royce is coming up for auction; this week, it’s been announced that Peter Fonda’s iconic motorcycle from the 1969 counterculture classic Easy Rider is up for grabs. But if you’re interested, best have some gold in those fists: The California collector who’s auctioning off the chopper expects to net at least $1 million from the sale. The stars-and-stripes-clad Harley-Davidson, named Captain America in the film, has a forward-angled front wheel and handlebars, fishtail exhaust pipes and chromed hardtail frame, and the gas tank is signed by Fonda. The auction will be held October 18 by Profiles in History. If you have a spare mil, the bike’s in pretty great shape, as the video below attests: