If you enter the words or hashtag “video games” into an Instagram search you will find some random results. Of course, pictures of consoles will pop up but you’ll also find numerous photos of women who seem to have a connection to the gaming world. Call them attention seekers, show-offs, frauds or maybe even the real deal, but one thing you can’t do is deny that a lot of these women are super sexy. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Lia: When it comes to hot girls who get paid to play video games, Lia is straight up killin’ the game. She has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram!

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2. Galina Dub: This Russian smokeshow is not a streamer but she seems to have some appreciation for the game. While followers aren’t sure if her gaming photos are real or not, one thing for certain is that she’s easily one of the most attractive girls to ever hold a PlayStation controller.

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3. Dizzy: This babe from Arkansas games (and cosplays) hard and says her favorite ones to stream are Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Super Hexagon, and Osu.

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4. Chloe Lock: A sexy model who loves to game? Uh, yes, please! This Brit’s favorite game is CS:GO even though she has admitted that she’s “pretty rubbish at it.”

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5. Tara Babcock: If you’re looking for a gamer girl who loves sex (yes, you read that right), then Tara is your chick. She has said that she often gets asked why she hasn’t done adult films, and anyone who follows her on Instagram can see why. (She has posed nude, for the record.)

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6. Melonie Mac: This babe is a gamer and blogger who graduated college with a degree in IT/ Web Development. Yep, that means she can fix your router, make you a website, and kick your ass playing games. Score!

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7. Izzy: This Instahottie is a Twitch streamer from South California who mostly plays League of Legends. Her favorite League of Legend champion is Miss Fortune, and after seeing her own sexy pictures, we think that name actually fits her pretty well.

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