We live in a superficial world. Men are superficial. (Obviously.) And, yes, women are superficial too.

So just like certain types of shoes rev a woman’s engine, other types leave her drier than the Sahara. The following 12 footwear options are the latter, according to several style experts we polled.

In other words, if you’re trying to attract the fairer sex—or any sex, really—dropkick these kicks today.

1b1. Square-Toed Dress Shoes: “This style of shoe is very outdated and screams ‘cheap’ to a woman. Why would you wear shoes that are telling her you are broke?” —Tavia Sharp, personal stylist and men’s image consultant

22. Velcro Shoes: “Especially if they are starting to fray and the foot bed is grubby. Blech.” —Robyn Coburn, fashion consultant

33. Crocs: “Unless you’re Mario Batali, these are absolutely unacceptable for any man to be wearing. They are the most unattractive shoes on the planet.” —Sharp

44. Anything With Python: “You are compensating.” —Fred Connors, makeover expert and salon owner

55. Fisherman Sandals: “Are you hiking or are you at the beach? Pick one.” —Scott Latham, streetwear fashion designer and CEO of Flagship

66. Vibrams: “A man’s body is the ultimate sexy accessory. That doesn’t include the shape of his toes.” Nicole Russo, NYC personal stylist

7b7. Flip-Flops: “Unless you’re at the beach, don’t wear these. They’re highly unsanitary. You’re literally flipping up dirt from the ground onto your feet. Women don’t want to be thinking about that when they’re looking at your feet.” —Sharp

88. UGG Boots: “It just looks like you accidentally put on 13-year-old girls’ slippers.” —Russo

99. Running Shoes When Not Running: “Unless a man is jogging, he shouldn’t ever wear these. And if he’s wearing these with a suit, it’s an instant turnoff to a woman.” —Sharp

10b10. Birkenstocks: “This trend went out with hemp necklaces and parting your hair down the middle.” —Latham

1111. Cowboy Boots: “They look way too inauthentic to turn anyone on. Now, if you’re actually able to lasso her back to the ranch? Then giddy up.” —Russo

1212. Champion Cross Trainers: “This look says you’ve given up.” —Latham