You guys know I put up links every day. I am always looking for new sites about money so if you think you have a site I should take a look at then drop me a line. If they’re creative and different I’ll link to them over the next week. Just a reminder if you put a link in a comment I won’t post it. You’re not getting a free link from a PR6 blog because you have a funny comment. I appreciate all the comments but you must think I started blogging yesterday if you think it’s that easy. You want a link? Then email me at shaneateasygdotcom and tell me about the /your site. If you mention wallstreetfighter in an article on your site it will go up first. I can only surf so many hours and I am sure I am missing a ton of great sites. A good site doesn’t need my link to get readers but I may be able to help you get them faster.