A new study released by the Pew Research center is suggesting that increasing number of men are getting a larger economic boost then their partners when they get married. This has changed over the last decade as women, as a sex, have increased their education level and, subsequently, their earnings. Basically: you’re much more likely to marry a rich girl than you used to be. Maybe it’s not as expensive to fall in love as we thought.

In 1970, for example, the culture of the stay-at-home mother and wife was prevalent, and only 4% of women had an income greater than their husbands. Similarly, in 1970, only 20% had more education than their husband. Those statistics have changed dramatically, and in 2007, there is an impressive (though, admittedly, still low overall) increase in women’s earnings. As of 2 years ago, 20% of the nation’s wives made more money than their man.

Even if your wife (or soon to be wife) doesn’t have an incredible job, it’s still likely that marriage is, ultimately, going to make you more money than it used to. The statistics are somewhat complicated, and are born of several other factors. One of the more interesting suggested by Pew is that people are simply marrying less – especially uneducated couples. This has skewed the data so that a higher percentage of married couples are educated, and hence, richer.

In addition to that, it used to be that when a man got married, it was literally another mouth to feed as the wife rarely sought employment. In the last three decades, of course, this has changed, and now women are not only seeking employment but are increasingly making more money then men causing this dramatic reversal of economics.

The one exception to this trend that Pew cites, though, is that married women without a high school diploma have actually lost ground. In fact, unmarried women without a diploma gained 9% in average income, while their married counterparts actually lost 2%.  So go out and get yourself some unique engagement piercings and find yourself a young lady like the one in the song below (nsfw).

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