Bad shoes stink up more than just your corridor; they stink up your dating game. Women will always notice men’s choice of footwear, as your shoes can tell her a lot about you.

For example, your boat shoes remind her that you were once a frat star, and still relish your glory days. Your Timberlands tell her that you follow trends, but don’t have much care for what’s right in the world. And your dress shoes can speak volumes if you’re wearing them without socks… like, the fact that you’re probably a mouth breather because you’re clearly a bacteria-breeder.

Since footwear can be so critical, we asked women which particular styles leave them as dry as the damn Sahara. Consider the following a friendly heads up.

1. Jenn, 29: “I HATE Converse on grown-ass men.”

2. Taryn, 26: “I really, really don’t like it when dudes wear flip flops. I know it’s hot, but most men have gross-looking feet.”

3. AnnaMarie, 25: “I can’t stand Adidas slides. They remind me of high school, when athletes would slip ’em on after kicking off their cleats. They’re not for grown men.”

4. Tori, 25: “New Balance sneakers, 100 percent. They give me that creepy, barbecue dad vibe. And undercover cops wear them.”

5. Lanie, 28: “I really don’t like those pointy monk strap shoes; they freak me out.”

6. Sara, 26: “I don’t like boat shoes. Unless you’re in a frat in college, you shouldn’t be wearing them.”

7. Ellen, 25: “Please stop wearing all square-toed dress shoes. They were cool in the ’90s and they’re just not now.”

8. Anita, 24: “I’m not a fan of high-top sneakers.”

9. Sydney, 25: “I don’t really like Birkenstocks, but I can see why people wear them. They’re comfortable but they look like Jesus sandals.”

10. Dina, 25: “I wish guys would stop wearing the same beat-up running sneakers.”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/MattiaMarasco