The brilliant investor, head of Berkshire Hathaway, and the world’s richest man, Warren Buffett is meeting with some ‘businessmen’ in Germany today, where he plans to do some of his famous investing.

According to an article from Bloomberg, Buffett likes ‘ze Germans’ for investment opportunities and has begun looking overseas because of the dearth in the U.S.

Buffett also maintains that the economic policy in the United States continues to weaken the dollar:

Americans’ preference for foreign goods causes the country to send about $2 billion in ‘IOUs’ and assets abroad every day, pressuring the dollar, said Buffett.

But, Germany seems to be right up Buffett’s alley. With his $200 billion Berkshire brand, Buffett is looking for some big investments in well-run, privately-owned businesses. He particularly likes family-owned businesses, and he will find plenty of them over there in Deutschland, where three-quarters of all businesses are family run.

Many of these family run businesses were founded during the rebuilding era after WWII and are struggling with the succession claims of their now-elderly founders. Sounds like just the right time for Buffett, ‘The Oracle of Omaha’, to step in.

What’s even more surprising is that Buffett is stepping away from all the ‘Emerging Markets Are God’-speak. Over the past few years, all we’ve heard is that China, India, Brazil and other un- or under-developed countries will be gold mines for investment. He explains:

“There’s far more companies that would make sense for us to buy and for them to sell to us in Europe,” Buffett said at a press conference, declining to identify possible targets. “In emerging markets there are going to be very, very few businesses that would be earning $75 million pretax. You want to fish in a pond where the fish are and Europe is a much better pond.”

Buffett is meeting with business owners in Frankfurt today, the financial capital of the largest economy in Europe. And he is not afraid to spend, even with the killer exchange rate the Euro is getting right now.

Buffett is the man with the plan and if he is investing in family-run German businesses, you can expect that will be all the rage in the near future.

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