Thursday Night Football on CBS! Steelers versus Ravens! Hooray, right? Not so much: A few days before the show’s debut, fresh information came to light about Baltimore running back Ray Rice’s domestic-violence scandal—namely, video footage of Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator.

With Rice now suspended indefinitely and an opening set by Rihanna (herself a victim of abuse) pulled from the broadcast, sportscaster James Brown was left with the unenviable task of kicking off the game on a very serious note. And boy, did he ever nail it. In the above clip, Brown takes “the NFL community and all men” to task for failing to address not only domestic violence, but also negative attitudes toward women in general.

It’s powerful stuff, and more than deserves the massive forum that Brown had in a Thursday night football audience. Now let’s hope the NFL—and the wider community—actually does something about it. We’ll keep an eye out for how the league handles the Carolina Panthers’ Greg Hardy, who was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend earlier this year, yet still remains an active player.