We here at WallstreetFighter love two things. Making money and mixed martial arts. In the world of youtube and the Internet all you ever heard about was this tough guy beating the as@ of some punk in somebody’s back yard named Kimbo Slice . I loved the look and the intensity but felt he would get killed in the octagon. I now have officially changed my opinion. Bas Rutten is going to get him in great shape and give him the skills necessary to hang with the best. Combine this with his God given power and toughness and this is going to be something to watch. I have new respect for Kimbo Slice. I had written him off because he has no stamina and was just pure power and toughness. That is all about to change. Kimbo could become a MAJOR player in MMA because he has started training with Bas Rutten, one of the founding fathers of UFC. Bas as tough and powerful a fighter as there ever was. In his later days he learned the art of submission as well. Can you even imagine Kimbo having a ground game? It’s a Cinderella story, from youtube to UFC.