So, there’s an awesome fight about to go down at the bar you’re in. You’re pretty sure this dude’s going to get knocked the ef out and this would go perfectly on’s main page.

However, a camera in either of those guys’ faces might result in them joining forces in the joint kicking of your ass. What do you do? There is an answer to this conundrum: the Spy Camera Watch, in all its James Bond glory, allows you to record video covertly for whatever reason you can come up with.

Let’s face it; the secret camera in a watch is pretty much the definition of awesome gadget.  It records video at a resolution of 640×480 at 20 frames per second, with a built in microphone for audio. The camera can also take still pictures, and comes with 8GB of memory. It has a rechargeable battery you can plug into your laptop (PC or Mac) via USB port. 

Oh, the watch also tells time.