Pit traders aren’t the only people making money on the high commodity prices of copper and aluminum. Thieves are starting to go to great lengths to steal large amounts of copper and aluminum to sell it for scrap. Scrap copper is demanding $1.30 – $1.80 a pound and scrap aluminum 45-65 cents. Because of this theft is up dramatically all around the company. Here are a few of the thefts reported lately across the news. All over the nation, aluminum siding has been torn off new construction as high as someone could reach. Downspouts are popular and so are air conditions because of the copper coil inside. Theives in Tuscon, Arizona stole 8 miles, yes 8 miles, of copper powers cable. Theft is so bad in Taiwan, they have started replacing all copper power cable with aluminum. In Yakima, Washington, theives dressed as construction workers climbed poles and stole 600 foot of copper cable that runs a historic trolley. A solar panel dealer had thousands of dollars worth of metal mountings stolen. $35,000 worth of air conditions were stolen in Montgomery Alabama for the copper inside. In the same city all the downspouts were taken from a church for the aluminum. The stories of the past used to be a drug addict related and usually involved them tearing all the pipes out of the wall to sell for drugs, leaving them with no heat or running water. Looks like big time thieves are now involved. I think they could make more money just buying copper futures. Unless you’re from China and then you always go short.