By Charley A. Prescott

While hair removal is second nature for many women, the idea of professional waxing or “manscaping” for men is not something they tend to embrace. At this point, waxing for men has been around for quite a while, although in the past the services were primarily received by bodybuilders, swimmers and cyclists. Beyond the sphere of full body waxing that some male athletes receive, the most popular waxing services for men currently include areas like the eyebrows, neck, chest and back — with some men opting to wax other areas of the body as well. 

These days even the Average Joe will at least consider the idea of manscaping. Waxing for men is all about achieving the look you desire that complements your natural swagger. 

Intro to manscaping
One of the most popular male waxing services is the eyebrow wax. Often men have a unibrow, or bushy eyebrows, that are unkempt. The occasional eyebrow wax allows them to gain control.   

An experienced aesthetician (skin care specialist), or hair stylist can easily wax the eyebrow area giving a man a natural, groomed look. When you go in for a haircut, many salons can add an eyebrow wax, which usually takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. Normally the person performing your waxing will ask you what shape you want to achieve.

With any type of male waxing, it is a great idea to start out small, so you are totally clear on what to expect regarding more significant areas of the body you desire to have waxed in the future. In other words — if you have never received an eyebrow wax in the past, you might not want to throw caution to the wind and proceed straightaway to a back wax or male Brazilian.     

To wax or not?
Perhaps you heard your girlfriend or female friend complaining about waxing in the past, so you want to know why any man would even consider enduring such torture? It is normal to feel apprehensive at first, but once the technician gets going, you realize waxing is not so bad. Before you know it. the entire service is done. 

In comparison to shaving, men who wax notice the following benefits:

Ÿ         Feeling extra clean and groomed
Ÿ         Skin remains smooth and hair-free for much longer
Ÿ         No annoying rough stubble within days of waxing
Ÿ         Decreased itching and irritation
Ÿ         Hair that grows back is often less coarse
Ÿ         After numerous waxing sessions some hair might not grow back at all
Ÿ         Might enhance bedroom activities

Shaving and depilatory creams only remove hair at the surface of the skin. This is why body hair grows back so quickly after using these methods. 

Waxing is a form of hair removal that involves removal of the entire hair — including the root. The appropriate hair length for waxing is ¼ to ½ of an inch for the wax to grasp the hair. After a period of three to six weeks, depending on the individual, new hairs gradually creep up replacing the old ones. It’s not just something guys do on a dare. 

Diddy on waxing
According to, even Diddy manscapes. “While I’m getting ready I like to relax with a drink – vodka and lemonade – and listen to some James Brown,” he said. “Then I’ll have a manicure and pedicure – and yes, I wax as well. Men owe it to women to make sure they are well-groomed.”

South of the border
Forget any preconceived notions about the type of man who goes to a spa or salon for a male Brazilian or bikini wax. Everyone does it — bankers, CEOs, technology guys, professional athletes, students, married guys, single guys, straight men, gay men, old, young, etc. 

Increasing numbers of men are going for Brazilian waxing services. This is not to say there will soon be an exodus of men leaving the gym,and lining up at the neighborhood spa for a Brazilian wax. But greater numbers of men are having this service done and incorporating it into their grooming routines.

If you are curious about manscaping this area, you can test drive a male Brazilian wax at a local spa or salon. It is a good idea to start with a basic cleanup, which is normally called a “male bikini” wax. Later on — if you desire — venture into the realm of removing all or most of the hair; this is known as a “Brazilian.”

Going all the way
Most waxing services are pretty straightforward. If removing the hair from your bikini line is something you pursue in the future, you might be surprised by the various names you encounter at spas and salons. A sampling of names around the world include — The Brazilian, BSC, Male Bikini, Guyzilian and Hollywood. 

A male Brazilian wax is not offered at every business providing general waxing services. In many cases, a full male Brazilian wax involves the removal of all hair front and back. The specific amount of hair removed really depends on where you go to have the service done, the technician and other factors so it is always a good idea to find out what you are getting.

Ask questions beforehand. Schedule a waxing consultation a week or two prior to the date of an actual appointment to discuss the service. Find out if all of the hair is removed as a part of the service, etc.

Seek out an experienced professional. Inquire about the technician’s experience with male Brazilian waxing.

Know your technician. The most important variable with any Brazilian wax is the person providing the service to you. I cannot stress this enough. The technician is important, because it means the difference between a waxing service that hurts like Hell versus one that is relatively comfortable. 

Never have waxing performed on your body if you are on Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Isotretinoin. These medications make the skin extremely thin and weak. Worst case scenario, some skin gets waxed off of your body. A painful and not very pretty sight. Even if you used any of these treatments in the past, always inform your technician before obtaining a waxing service. 

More on manscaping
Women appreciate and prefer a degree of male grooming. A happy medium is ideal because a lot of women like for men to still feel and look manly, but groomed. Without a doubt, women are more comfortable in certain areas when they are not trekking through a jungle of body hair.       

Hair removal need not be an all-or-nothing proposition. If you decide waxing is just not your thing, use a razor or trimmer to control and groom any excessive body hair. 

Aside from shaving, nowadays men have countless hair removal options like waxing, laser, electrolysis, tweezing and sugaring. Waxing and hair removal can enhance many aspects of your life. If you want a wallet-friendly method of hair removal, providing smooth skin over an extended period of time, you may discover that waxing is the solution for you.