No one enjoys cold food that’s supposed to be hot—except morning-after pizza, which is totally acceptable. But for many campers and adventurers alike, eating cold meals all too often becomes a regularity.

Until now. Gone are the days when microwaves were relegated to the kitchen. Wayv Tech’s new portable microwave, the Adventurer, is small enough to fit into a backpack and take on-the-go. The microwave works using laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors (LDMOS) to evenly disperse heat, devoid of traditional vacuum tubes or magnetrons. So it’s ultimately thinner and weighs just under three pounds. The unit has 30 or more minutes of operational time, which could provide up to six hot meals or drinks (up to 500 ml), and then can easily recharge with a wall- or car-charger or solar panels.

The company imagines that it’ll be used by militaries and humanitarian groups during emergencies, and for all else looking to take their tailgates to the next level. For $150, you can now get your hands on a microwaved taquito.