I picked up a new advertiser (please check the site out to the left) and it got me thinking. We all could use a good read on self help every once in a while to remind up to be positive again. I used to think there were two kinds of people. Those who needed self help books and those who helped themselves. Not so true anymore. We all need a good read to make us feel good. To make us keep our chins up and try to achieve more. It usually takes a good wallow in the mud of failure to get us to search out “help”. We have that bad trading day and we pull out a new book on a trading method or refer back to our favorite “trading Bible”. There has been a big move from self improvement to health improvement over the last 10 years because the baby boomers don’t feel like they need to get better just feel better. I’ve said before that good physical health leads to good mental health but it works both ways. Motivation and positivity leads to good things and one of those good things is exercise. In short, pick up a motivational book, I don’t care who from but pick one up. Read it, I certainly won’t hurt. All my readers are rich $20 isn’t going to make a difference and it could change your attitude.