Jim Cramer proved stock shows can be entertaining even if you know nothing or care nothing about stocks. My 6 year old daughter thinks he’s funny and my wife won’t admit it but I think she secretly enjoys the show. The problem is I’m sick of it. Anything that over the top will start to wear on you and its worn right through me. I need a new entertainment stock show. Who’s going to host? I’m not quite sure. Maria Bartiromo is intelligent and nice looking but a bit boring. Jack Welch is very entertaining but is getting a bit old. Lenny Dykstra could do it but he’s training under Cramer and will probably end up doing the same thing. We need a show that is a combination of Sportcenter meets Squawkbox. If we could get a Dan Patrick type character that know his stocks but has a great sense of humor. I think a girl would be great but she needs to be strong, intelligent, funny, and good looking to attract all the viewers necessary. (Blast me with the emails on that one but it is the truth). I do know what it takes to make a good TV show. I am on a local gardening show (my other career) and it is very similar to the Saturday Night Live skit but the old people dig it. Here’s how I see the show. Highlights of the day, Sportcenter style, some humor thrown in. Have traders as guests so you can get a real animated view of the stock. The traders from the pits can give you the rumors and day to day action that people love to hear. That’s all I have. I hope someone is listening to this and will start to put something together to compete with Cramer. I also forgot to mention before if you want to find out exactly what Cramer is picking and pumping without having to go through all the BS go to one of my favorite blogs MADDMONEY.