Magic Johnson made news this week when he typed on Twitter that his Showtime Lakers would beat the current Warriors.

But this shouldn’t be news.

We need to start ignoring Magic Johnson and other former sports greats, like Oscar Robertson or Shaquille O’Neal or whomever else, when they say these things.

These comments are hypothetical, you will never be able to prove them, they only serve the people who speak them, and they are absolutely unsurprising.

We shouldn’t feel the urge (as I’m doing now, admittedly) to stop everything and address these comments.

Because they’re hypothetical, you will never be able to prove them because the teams can’t play each other, they only serve the people who speak them, and they are absolutely unsurprising.

So again, we just need to start ignoring these claims. Like you do when your grandparents tell you something that you’ve heard a million times. Just nod your head and say, “That’s nice.” Or, “Uh-huh.” Just humor them and move on with your day. Do not engage. In one ear and out there other. Because it’s baseless.

Now, if they want to support their argument with some actual reasons, then sure, maybe hear them out. If you feel like it. (But don’t feel obligated, sports fan.) For example, Mychal Thompson, an NBA champion along with Magic on those Showtime teams (and father of Warriors guard Klay), gave a very intelligent, thoughtful, detailed, humorous answer to the question of whom would beat whom. Among other things, he said:

“I moved my feet very well for a big man… but when I think about switching out on Steph Curry, I break out in hives. I grew up on an island. Talk about being isolated on an island, stuck out there with him as he does his little dance. I’d hate that.”


He also said:

“I am a man secure in my legacy, secure in my accomplishments. I don’t have to be all, ‘Oh, we’re better than them.’ I’m not that grumpy old man, even though I sound like that many a time, but I can admit when the new era is better than something else or that’s changed from the time I played. The way they play, we would have a hard time keeping up, because our game wasn’t shooting 3’s, which theirs are. And 3 beats 2.”

Great thoughts, right? Of course, Magic Johnson, in Thompson’s answer, IS being the grumpy old man.

So we should treat him like one.

And ignore him.

“Uh-huh, Grandpa. That’s nice. Yeah, you were totally better than Steph Curry. More soup?”