When temperatures rise, and you also have to go to work, you begin to question things: Do I really dare layer to look professional in the office? Do I just accept my sweaty self?

Guys, you don’t have to suffer. I recently purchased a trendy item that came back into the spotlight last season, the bowling shirt. Short-sleeved and typically in silk-like fabrics, it’s the perfect replacement of a T-shirt when you need to feel more polished and put together. It won’t overheat throughout the course of the day, and no matter your body type, it never fails to turn heads (especially those of women with Dude crushes).

Not only can the bowling shirt be minimalistic, but it can also boast a tropical zeitgeist with various prints and motifs appropriate for the warmer months. So you can picture yourself in paradise while sitting at your desk.

Moreover, this style of shirt is available at all sorts of price points. So no matter what you are willing to spend, you can find countless interpretations of the bowling shirt from Zara to Bergdorf Goodman and many more retailers in between.

So get one today and roll with it, baby.