Ever been made fun of for playing Air Guitar? What would happen if you just kept jamming away on that imaginary instrument, your buddy rolling his eyes, and suddenly a loud and clear power chord plays from nowhere?

Either you actually have in your hands an invisible guitar, your buddy is going insane, or you’re wearing the new Rock Guitar T-Shirt from Think Geek. Guitar Hero. Rock Band. Now you can add to your ever-growing collection of pretend guitars. The shirt has a mini-amplifier that fits right in your pocket, and despite its size, you’ll be glad to know the amp actually goes to 11, so you can adjust the sound just like a real guitar. Using a magnetic pick, you can strum out up to 15 different power chords, in all the major keys. We know you’re not supposed to wear the t-shirt of the band you’re going to see, so why not wear a shirt that’ll let you rock out with them instead? This seems like the only viable alternative. Maybe even get your friend to wear the Bongo Drum T-shirt and start an all clothing band. When you’re done just throw them in the hamper and get ready for the next show. The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt is $29.99 and can be found here.