The polo shirt, as we know it, was invented by a man by the name of René Lacoste. You may have seen his work. Before founding one of the most iconic French clothing companies the world has ever known, Lacoste was a pretty damn good tennis player.

One day, in preparation for his appearance in the 1926 U.S. Open, Lacoste decided he was tired of the traditional “tennis whites” (stiff button-down shirts, restrictive flannel trousers and *shudder* ties). Instead, he invented his own shirt made from lightweight, loose-knit piqué cotton with a buttoned chest and a flat collar. And so the polo shirt was born.

Here’s why we should never look back.

1. They’re comfortable—period.
First and foremost, wear more polo shirts because they’re straight-up comfortable. By definition, they have a more relaxed fit to ensure that whether you’re crushing on the back nine, hanging out in the yard or even cleaning up the garage, you’re cool and comfortable. There’s also no set fabric for a good polo. Piqué cotton is still the most popular, but you can also find them in knitted cloth, wool, polyester or even silk. No matter your flavor, there’s a polo shirt out there with your name on it.

2. They look good anywhere.
This point right here is more of a life pro tip than a selling point. I’m being honest when I say that I’m the kind of man who barely cares about fashion. I know how to tie a bow tie. I go to the barber once every two weeks. I know the rules about matching belts with shoes. But you’ll never see me at fashion week, I’m just as attracted to a 30-dollar Timex Weekender as I am to a Shinola Runwell, and I care more about the cigar in your breast pocket than your kerchief. The polo is my answer to everything. If a client wants to meet for a light lunch, the boys want to take the boat out on the river or there’s an impromptu cookout that needs attending—I can always count on a solid polo to keep me looking like I give way more of a shit than I actually do.

3. Everyone can pull them off.
Most importantly, you should wear more polo shirts because without ever having seen you, I can tell you that they’ll look good on you. Polo shirts fit everyone’s personal style—from those covered in tattoos to the more clean-cut guys. And they were designed for casual comfort, which means that whether you’re in the best shape of your life or you had yourself a brutal winter full of lager and cheesy bread, there’s a polo out there that’ll make you look like a goddamn G. Try one today. 

Photo: Getty Images/Stephanie Noritz