The days of wearing a three-piece suit to work are a thing of the past. Men used to be dressed to the nines in suspenders, pinstripes and handkerchiefs, but many companies have now embraced a more relaxed dress code. Whether you are commuting in a major city, running around your start-up office or stuck at a desk all day for your nine-to-five, comfort is key. Hence, sneakers are a staple in the modern man’s working wardrobe.

In my opinion, a sleek sneaker can go with almost anything. I’m not talking about the clunky shoes of the ’80s (although some styles like an Adidas Superstar can look very chic), but rather to updated and more sophisticated versions of what we all used to wear as kids.

To take the guesswork out of styling them, here are a few quick tips.

1. The more minimal the better.
Don’t try and be flashy with your sneakers. Yes, you might be the talk of the office, but for all the wrong reasons. Being professional will also have to come down to your footwear.  Keep it simple and classic with a pair of minimal and sophisticated options.

2. Stay away from purely athletic kicks.
The sneaker spectrum has changed drastically over the past decade. Sneakers are no long just for athletics, so unless you are on your feet all day and need to be in new trainers, keep them a bit more polished.

3. Keep it clean, guys.
Sneakers are notorious for getting dirty much more quickly than most shoes. Just because they are sneakers doesn’t mean they don’t require the same attention to care and maintenance than any other shoes. Be sure to have them polished and cleaned regularly.

Photo: iStock/kupicoo