Runco has come out with a line of new, all-weather flat panel televisions so that even when you’re no your open-air veranda enjoying a mellow sunset, you don’t have to miss any DWTS. 

Runco Climate Portfolio comes in a few different flavors – you can get yourself either a 42 or 52 inch display, both of them are a full 1080p, and are incased in a ‘reflection rejection glass’ case that offers a 175 degree viewing angle. Each set has two HDMI inputs, as well as component and AV inputs. It’s a nice gadget to have next to your hot tub. 

Interestingly, the VP of marketing notes that, “Research shows finished outdoor spaces return 100% of their value from day one and they can deliver as much as 200% of their original cost at resale making the integration of an outdoor television both an enjoyable and valuable home asset." So you’re practically making money

Get them here for about $7,000 and $13,000 respectively.