If you know the rules of golf, then you know that you’re allowed to clear debris away from your lay as long as the debris doesn’t make the ball move when you move it. This can be a tedious, tiresome, boring task that Matt Damon’s character in “The Legend of Bagger Vance” learned too well (and over much too long of a movie). There has to be a better way! 

Now, there is. Purveyors of things you didn’t’ know you needed until you saw them in a magazine in an airport, Hammacher Schlemmer, is selling a tiny weed whacker disguised as a golf club. If you find yourself dribbling balls into the rough regularly, this hidden hedge trimmer may just be your ticket to a covertly curable lie. 

You hold and ‘operate’ it like any normal driver through the use of two thumb buttons built into the handle ergonomically so that the weed whacker grip mirrors that of an actual club used for ball striking.  [Buy it]