It’s that time of the week again. Here is this week’s caption contest. We post an image with no further comment or explanation and see who can come up with the cleverest and most amusing caption to describe it. Feel free to use quotes, links, movie references, and curse words at will. Let your imaginations run wild. Submit all captions as a comment to this post.

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This week’s image:

Last week’s contest winners announced after the jump:

Last week’s captions were great, however, just like in life, there can only be one true winner:

Champ: The Scatman on Tuesday 10/07/2008 – 10:56 am – “Payin anything to roll the dice, Don’t stop believin…”

Maybe I’m setting a dangerous precedent here in awarding first place to the guy who quoted Journey lyrics? Nah, Paulson totally listens to that stuff, I bet.

Honorable Mention 1: ghb1734 on Monday 10/06/2008 – 10:02 pm – “Pauly…this is Big Al (Greenspan)…you there Pauly?…start the presses”

Honorable Mention 2: pholt on Tuesday 10/07/2008 – 9:49 am – “uh huh..yea….uh huh…but, can I get the icon in cornflower blue?”

Honorable Mention 3: well_armed on Friday 10/03/2008 – 7:28 pm – “Man I’d so do Barney Frank…Oh Shit! Can these headphones read my thoughts?”