The big British bank, Barclays, will purchase a large part of Lehman Brothers (LEH) for the ‘low, low, going once, going twice, sold’ deal of $2 billion.

The deal will include Lehman’s broker dealer business which manages the equity, fixed income, and IRONICALLY provides merger advice to lucrative clients. So was this deal like an attorney representing himself in court?

The deal could save almost 10,000 employees from losing their jobs. That’s a lot better than the full 24,000 who thought they would be out on the street last night. The only thing to do now is to necessitate themselves to their new tea-sipping masters in the UK.

Might we suggest driving on the left side of the road as a gesture of solidarity?

WSJ Dealjournal: Barclays To Buy Lehman Investment Bank, September 16, 2008