She was an angel. There are very few people in the world you will ever meet that have more effect on humanity than Dana Reeve. She gave up herself to help her husband and help the world. She was beautiful, talented, and we will miss her. Everyone she met fell in love with her spirit. I don’t often feel any emotions one way or another for celebrities but I have a reason for my feelings. I suffered a neck injury in a surfing accident and was inches from paralysis. I had a nerve tear out of my C6 spine. If it severed I would have never walked again. I can live with the shoulder discomfort and lifetime pain in my thumb compared to what could have happened. I relive the thump of my head on the sand constantly and tear up every time I saw her speak. The world moves in mysterious ways and how or why she was taken from us I’ll never know. Make sure you donate your time and money towards a good cause like The Christopher Reeve Foundation. We are fortunate to make good money trading and we should share it with foundations that make others less fortunate achieve a better life. On a completely different note, the brokers were crushed yesterday. The exchanges came out just fine but the brokers got real ugly. I’ll be watching them today to see if its a move out of the sector, profit taking, or just a nasty QQQQ.