We’ve arrived!

You’re nobody until someone satirizes you. Or at least, satirizes your business plan.

As you know, Made Man is one of many men‘s lifestyle websites. Some of them are great. (Ahem.) And some of them are pretty predictable. The guys over at Manosterone take aim at men’s websites and their worst habits with sharp satire and low-brow parody. The scorn that they heap (on others, of course) is well-deserved. Among the headlines on Manosterone right now:

– 8 Ways To Get Her To Spend More Time With Your Penis

– 8 Ways To Apologize To Your Bro For Bonking Him On The Head With Your Penis

– 7 Simple Steps To Becoming One Of Those Cigar-Smoking Assholes 

You get the picture. It’s like The Onion if The Onion only was interested in covering stories like, "How To Make A Deer Explode."

Actually, that’s a pretty good one.

Give us hell, Manosterone!