As the busy season approaches I have realized I am going to need to find a new way to post that doesn’t take forever. My golf game was never any good but between work, the site, and investing, I may never go outside again. This will be the new style. One big article going over the funny money stories of the day with lots of fun links. RIMM is no doubt the big story of the weekend. People have been talking about a settlement for years and its finally here. Should the stock go up twenty percent? I doubt it but it should definitely calm the nerves of investors and I can finally stop hearing about workarounds and shutdowns. On the other side, Intel gave a sharp warning to investors saying they think first quarter is going to be weak. On a more important note, despite not paying Jessica Alba a dime and putting her on their cover, Playboy refuses to pay or take the magazine off the shelf. What is this world coming to when you can get away with BS like that. I hope Playboy gets sued and loses bad. That’s flat out stealing. They should go get Lindsay Lohan, she shows it for free.