Most summer festivals are in the sticks where there’s a chance you’ll have to fight a moose. Coachella is in the middle of the desert, and the last thing you need is to die from a rattler bite while a Cure song plays. We want a festival that we won’t need Bear Grylls to survive alive.

Enter the less-known but more-tolerable All Points West Music & Arts Festival. It takes takes place over three days, starting Friday, July 31st and ending Sunday August 2nd, in Jersey City on the New York Harbor, not 2,000 feet from Lady Liberty herself. Headliners include: Beastie Boys, Tool, and Coldplay. Three day passes are $199.00 (for a limited time only) and single day tickets are $89.00. Rock out to cool music while staring up at the New York City skyline (as opposed to terrifying winged beasts lunging at your eyes for invading their home). 

The worst you’ll have to worry about are roving bands of hipsters, and those tight pants have got to be pretty restricting when running! You should make out just fine.