There’s all sorts of gimmicks you can fall prey to/get on board with if you’re not going to go with just a standard stainless or gold, classic watch. There’s watches that are bomb proof, some you can run over with a truck, some that can withstand more water pressure than a human can, some made with fossilized dinosaur feces…you get the idea. This gimmick, though, I something we can get behind. 

WEWOOD is a sustainable company that makes these shockingly attractive wooden timepieces for men and women. Not only that, but they’re extremely affordable at just over $100. Not only that, but they also have pledged to plant a tree for each piece bought. Not only THAT, but the wood they’re actually using to make the watches isn’t ripped from the bosom of the Earth Mother, it’s spare and scrap wood found or bought in L.A.  

To get one of these world-saving timepieces for yourself, head to their site here