You see photos of gaunt, dead-eyed runway models from New York Fashion Week and think: Why should I care about this? I’m just a dude sitting in my office wearing a button-down. And it’s true. Fashion Week has never really been that relatable for regular guys, especially when people do weird stuff like bring nylon into the mix.

But know this: With some modification, the good ideas make it out of New York. By the time you cruise your local J. Crew in a few months, you’ll see elements of what sauntered down the runway this past week.

So here are our key takeaways, as well as recommendations for how you can distill runway looks into something you’ll actually wear. Read on.

nyfw11. Relaxed fit is back!
In the dark days of the ’80s and ’90s, everyone was swimming in large clown suits and baggy pants. The idea of “slim fit” was just a twinkle in Thom Browne’s eye. Then, everything became tailored and everyone looked better, until we took slim fit too far. Based on what we saw at NYFW, you may be able to breathe again very soon, starting with your sweaters. Designers such as Coach, Wes Gordon, Norma Kamali and even Kanye West have embraced slouchy, over-sized knitwear.
In your closet: Super Longline Oversized Sweatshirt (ASOS, $59), Super Longline Oversized Sweatshirt with Zip (ASOS, $48)

nyfw22. The ’70s have returned again. God save us all.
A few years ago, everyone went loco over the 1950s/’60s style because Don Draper told us to, but NYFW is insists we should be embracing 1970s style instead. As you see in the David Hart look (above left), basically everything you saw in Boogie Nights is up for grabs—mustard yellows and burnt oranges, fur collars and jackets, knits and prints galore. Good news for those who never stopped stealing from their dad’s wardrobe.
In your closet: Faux Fur Collar Vintage Military Overcoat (ASOS, $248), Madison Fit Check Blazer (Brooks Brothers, $498, Country Donegal Tweed Pants (Orvis, $169), Dusty Pink Oxford (Uniqlo, $40)

nyfw33. The V-necks are getting deeper than that SNL digital short.
You know the deep V-neck your girlfriend keeps trying to convince you to wear that makes you uncomfortable? Yeah, it might be getting deeper, as evidenced during Duckie Brown’s show. This is one NYFW trend we can’t get behind. If your neckline is down to your belly button, it’s time to reevaluate your life choices. Our advice is stick to your guns: Celebrate the V, steer clear of the deep V.
In your closet: Italian Cashmere V-Neck Sweater (J Crew, $100)

nyfw44. The Richie Tenenbaum look is in
If you had asked, “Can I pull off this sweatband?” two months ago, the answer would be “no, definitely not.” But in light of Lacoste’s NYFW show, the tide may be turning for guys who want to embrace retro sporty style. Brightly colored track suits, striped lapels, bright-white tennis shoes and, yes, even sweatbands, are all a go. Somewhere, Bjorn Borg is smiling.
In your closet: Pierre Track Jacket (Puma, $75), Superstar Cuffed Track Pants (Adidas, $65), White Superstar Originals (Adidas, $80), Striped Sweatband ($4, Suddora)

nyfw55. 2015 may be finally be the year of the fleece.
You’ve had your trusty wool pea coat for years, but from the looks of the outerwear on display at NYFW, you might be trading it in for something that looks like a Sesame Street cast member. The shearling and fleece material that used to line the inside of your jacket is breaking out to become the main event, as evidenced by wares from Billy Reid, Patrik Ervell, and Ovadia & Sons. Proceed with caution, cowboy.
In your closet: Western Cord Jacket With Borg Collar (ASOS, $111)