You can learn a lot about women from the pictures they post on Facebook. It’s the marketing tool they use to show the side of themselves they want people to see. Facebook pictures, for better or for worse, communicate a lot of information. I know. I asked an expert to look at my Facebook photos so that I could find out what my Facebook photos say about me. Now I am passing this information along to you, in hopes that it helps you navigate the always-converging worlds of Facebook and dating.

Body language and behavior expert Greg Hartley from has analyzed the body language of stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for STAR, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston for E! Online, Aniston again for US Weekly and more. From writing dating pieces for Cosmo to offering interrogation insight for murder trials, Hartley has seen it all and he knows what’s up.

And now — gulp! — my Facebook pics and what they mean…

The pic with the ex cropped out
If a woman posts several pictures with her exes, or pictures with him cropped out, it could mean she is defined by that relationship. Or it could mean she can’t find other pics she looks good in and she’s more concerned about posting flattering pics. If a woman posts pictures with her exes in them, it could mean that she values her ex, and that the experience captured in the photo is still a significant part of her life. She also could be showing off what caliber of guy she has snagged in the past.

facebook, what her pics say

Making love to the camera
OK, so maybe I was more focused on the camera in this New Year’s pic than with my boyfriend at the time. Hartley said that instances such as this say something about the relationship — in this case, the doting guy and the woman who is not as into the guy as she is into herself and the camera.

Wedding pics
If a woman posts pics like this from wedding parties, you can tell that her friends are in the stage where they are settling down and perhaps she is ready or almost ready for that stage as well. Also, if she is in another person’s wedding, that most likely reflects that she is capable of maintaining a strong friendship.

facebook, beach photo

The posing pics: Shoulders back, hands on hips
If the woman is posed the same way in all of her pictures, or is always in the middle, this could mean that she has control issues or is uncomfortable with parts of her face or body. This might also show a sassy or dominant personality. My friends and I probably do it because we learned from the show “Top Model” that this is the most flattering pose.

Smiles: Forced vs. Natural
A real smile is in the eyes and actually engages the corners of them, creating creases. Her cheeks will bulge and her forehead will be smooth. If she smiles with a closed mouth, she may be self-conscious of her teeth or not genuinely happy at the time of the picture.

facebook, adventure

Adventure pics
This shows that a girl is interested in other things besides socializing and how she looks. Look at how comfortable she appears in these pics. Does she freak out under pressure? Hartley says to look for grief in the forehead.

facebook, casual, night with girls

Casual hang-out with friends
If a girl has these pics, you can see that she maintains relationships with girlfriends, which is a good thing.

facebook, pic wth kid

Pics with kids
If these kids are not hers, she might be saying she’s ready to have her own soon.

facebook, woman, jump

In a shot like this, you can tell a woman is comfortable with her body and loving life. 

facebook, sorority pose

The sorority pose
Any girl that does this pose was definitely in a sorority.

Keep in mind that every person’s profile is different and only the people in each photo know what really happened in each situation, but there are some generalizations you can keep in mind when analyzing Facebook photos. Such as…

When a woman uses her hands to talk, and gestures in pictures, it usually signals that she feels comfortable speaking and opening up to other people.

When a woman puts her hands to her neck, plays with her hair, bites her nails or fidgets with clothing, it displays a nervous energy that shows she’s uncomfortable. If she’s doing these things with her friends, it could mean that she’s uncomfortable with her friends and invites drama into her life. These can also be cute, flirtatious acts, so check to see if they are paired with a smile on her face.

When a woman puts something between her and another person, whether it’s crossed arms, standing far away from that person, holding her purse between her and other people or standing angled away instead of standing straight on, she might not be secure with that person or might have trust issues with people in general.

Women, more often than men, touch people during conversation. This can be about controlling the conversation and, and it might say that she is the alpha female in the group. If she’s lightly touching a man throughout a conversation, this can show that she’s interested and flirting with him. Also, if the woman is always in the middle of the group, this could signal control issues. Think about those women who have that one same pose in each of their pics. You know she has probably asked some random guy at the bar to take pics of her until she gets one that suits her. She’s regulating the picture as well.

Watch out for the Botox muscle

You know — the one between the eyebrows that Botox usually freezes from movement. If it’s engaged while she’s smiling, something’s wrong because this muscle only indicates concern or grief.

Wrinkled nose or nose turned up, eyes rolling back

This can either mean disgust or it can be a cutesy expression. There is a thin line between cute and mean.

By Debra the Dating Diva

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