In this commercial for Deloitte, some uptight MBA students are applying for a job at a major consulting firm when they get a big shock — some smartass kid pretending to be their interviewer walks in and starts asking them weird questions.

Watch the video, great stuff. God knows that after this financial crisis is over we’re gonna need some consultants who can handle surprise and shock with some poise. However, as we all know, consultants don’t have as much street cred as those baller bankers. 

Best line in the whole thing? – "I’m totally diggin’ the monkey mug, bro!"

But here’s the real question who is the hottest female applicant? Keep your eyes peeled and we’ll take a look after the jump:

Kid Interviews Shocked MBA Students For Job – Watch more free videos

So who is your pick for top potential biz babe in this commercial?

(0:34) – The dark, curly haired, first in class Northwestern/Stern babe?

(1:40) – The reserved 24-year old Asian girl who was 2 away on the ping pong/747 guess?

(2:00) – The no-nonsense African-American chick who doesn’t take ‘would you rather’ questions seriously?

(0:51) – Or perhaps the uptight blue power suit, glasses, ponytail, ‘kind-of-a-bitch’ look is your thing?