You can’t do everything that Tiger Woods can do. You probably can’t slam a 400 yard drive. You probably couldn’t sink a triple-breaking 60-foot putt, much less do it in front of millions. But you can do some things he does. You can buy the same Nike hat he wears and use it to keep the sun out of your eyes. You can drive an Escalade. Oh, you can also take a bunch of Ambien (the drug that killed Heath Ledger), and then screw like a doped up monkey on it.  

Not that we recommend that. Far from it. Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic which sounds like something you should be hesitant to even take much less take recreationally. But, don’t worry, that’s just fancy science talk for “sleep aide.”  

It is a truly powerful sleep aide, though. It is intended for short term treatment of insomnia as it can be habit forming and some of the side effects (hallucination and tragic memory loss to name the two most disconcerting). But, of course, that’s why plenty of people are trying Ambien sex.  

It doesn’t work for everybody. Hallucinations, loss of inhibitions, and the “drugged” feeling were reported in less than 10% of all cases.  Something you might want to consider is that the exact same number of people reported “diarrhea” as a side effect as did “drugged feeling” 

An acquaintance of the Made Man editorial staff, referred to hereafter as NW, made herself available for questioning regarding Ambien sex this afternoon. The woman, who will remain anonymous, had this to say:  

MM: Why don’t you just fall asleep?
NW: I get chatty on Ambien if I don’t mentally tell myself to go to bed. I get almost a high, and I lose inhibitions. And the worst part is I lose all memory. The next morning I wake up and don’t even know I had sex, or did a bunch of crazy stuff.

MM: You don’t remember any of the sex? Your partner just fills you in (so to speak)?
NW: Or told my boyfriend my entire sexual history — especially the stuff he doesn’t need to know.

MM: But before you have sex, you remember feeling a pleasant drugginess?
NW: Yeah, I feel very relaxed and sensual.

MM: What other drugs would you compare it to? And what’s it like to have sex on those, if you remember?
NW: I suddenly have floaty energy. I am tired, but energetic. It’s almost like I’m in a dreamlike state. I might compare it a little to weed, but nothing that I’ve done really compares to be honest.

MM: Sounds fun. In theory, I guess, because of the amnesia effects. What do you think it would be like if you could remember it based on the floaty feeling?
NW: enjoyable with no inhibitions. Sensual, passionate. Long.

MM: What do you think about Tiger’s mistress revealing they had “crazy Ambien sex.”
NW: Probably helps him from feeling guilty because he doesn’t remember it!