I don’t care if you like Wal-Mart or not. The fact that the state is making them spend 8% of their payroll on health care is dead wrong. Maryland recently passed this law saying if Wal-Mart doesn’t spend that perecentage then they will have to pay the state to make up for the cost of medicade the state is burdened with. What makes this law wrong is the fact that it only applies to one company in the state, you know who. Wal-Mart already pays part of 3/4 of their employees but this is not the point. There are two ways to attack a financial problem. One, take in more income. Two, reduce cost. The medical costs are getting out of hand. To pay $400 a month in health insurance is unbelievable. Someone over sixty pays close to $10,000 a year before they can get the government to pay for it. Why not ask the largest hospitals to reduce their costs 8% or else? Why, because they are considered better than Wal-Mart. I am a republican and I am all for making the almighty dollar but in my eye Wal-Mart employs the unemployable. Half the people that work there could not find a job anywhere else besides the fast food industry. They give them opportunity and many get healthcare that would otherwise be unattainable. They are going to force Wal-Mart to make some choices. Do they want to lay off enough workers to get down to the 10,000 level so they don’t apply to the law? Probably not. Do they want to fight this in court? Probably because there are some legal precedent (cases that have been similar but not quite the same) and this will be a landmark case. They could also form two companies and divide half of the them into Wal-Mart Retail and Wal-Mart Stock and Maintenance and this would keep the numbers under 10,000 as well. Remember just because you don’t like a company is no reason to let the government enact and enforce rules that are not proper. What is not proper is charging $450 for a cut finger that did not even require stitches. That is what the local hospital charge a friend recently. That’s right 15 minutes and a some glue and a band-aide for $450. That is what we need look into. Maryland should not be a precedent, they should be ashamed. Picture courtesy of stus.com